What can I expect at the recording session, how does it work ?

Allow three  hours to make record your Voiceportrait. On arrival, after introductions to the team, over tea or coffee, we discuss the recording process. It's a very friendly and comfortable environment. We do a sound check for levels, and then Christine interviews you, and we record your life and times. We can stop at any time, and we have a comfort break halfway through recording.

Where are your studios?

We have access to a variety of studios, but TheSoundhouse is our associate  studio based in west London, with ample parking and the best in the business sound engineers, facilities, and staff. thesoundhousestudios.co.uk

What if i can't get to London?

Each Voiceportrait is unique and should you require location recording we can set that up, hence each price point being on application subject to requirements. Call or email to discuss we are happy to travel. Location recording can incur an extra cost for travel dependng on recording - price on application.

Do I need to prepare?

That is up to you, most clients look forward to their day and anticipate their recording by making notes or reflecting on their life prior to recording. Some people like to extemporise, and simply answer questions on the day, however it's advisable to give Christine as much background as you can. To facilitate this we have a template of questions we can send you to help you reflect, and prompt memories.

Can I bring a friend or partner?

Of course, we do ask for only one other person, and they can sit in on the  recording with our engineers. They often find it as enjoyable and moving as the client whose Voiceportrait is being recorded.

What do I get for my money?

A priceless family heirloom, in a format of your choice, and a day out to remember forever. The formats are for you to choose, from an audio cd, memory stick, a download, we can even transfer your recording to vinyl. We discuss which format you prefer in advance.Prices quoted are for cd recording and one usb stick,  for other formats such as vinyl, bespoke price on application applies

Why is it price on application ?

Each portrait is unique to you and your requirements, whether in studio, or on location. We offer a  choice of recording formats, an audio, cd, a download even vinyl you choose.

Voiceportrait  is usually bought as a gift, we have a choice  of packages. Grace notes such as lunch and champagne post recording, addition of music, or a written transcript alongside the recording, or bespoke packaging. Any extras can be quoted for when you commission your Voiceportrait

Voiceportrait is not hurried, we take time and care in the studio and in the polish and edit.

We aim to ensure you recording day is a special day, and that you have the best possible experience to celebrate a loved ones life.
We discuss the level of edit you require post production.
We  supply you with the digitally mastered finished recording.
We can supply further copies or access for friends and family abroad.

What are the package choices?

Classic  £1,000

Verbatim recording, allow for three hours in studio
Post production, minimal clean and polish production edit  
Complimentary tea and coffee
A Voice portrait gift box with personalised CD
Six complimentary copies of the recording for friends and family
Plus a memory stick, and free delivery mainland UK

Bespoke  £1,250

A verbatim recording, allow three hours studio time
Choice of music subject to prs clearance
Post production edit discussed with client
Buffet lunch for two plus champagne
Complimentary tea and coffee
A Voice portrait  gift box personalised with clients photograph plus six complimentary cd copies for friends and family and memory stick
Free delivery mainland UK

Email christine@thevoicehouse.co.uk for a conversation and commission your Voiceportrait - Carpe Diem