Voice Portrait

What is a  Voice Portrait ?

We all have stories to tell, and it's time to tell yours. Voice Portrait is an audio recording of your life and times digitally mastered for posterity. Your life in your words.

An experience day and priceless gift. Record a lifetime of stories and memories, to cherish now and forever. A family heirloom to hand down to future generations. We may have photographs but how many of us have a recording of a loved ones voice. If not now, when?

The perfect gift for a significant birthday or celebration. A treat for both the recipient and the purchaser. We all have stories to tell, books we meant to write , diaries we meant to publish and anecdotes to share.

Carpe Diem and buy a studio experience day and record your Voice Portrait with The Voicehouse. Contact Christine  and commission a Voice Portrait for someone you love, whatever the occasion, perfect for a special birthday, retirement, anniversary, or simply to celebrate a life well lived.

A unique and priecless heirloom. a gift wrapped life experience.For a quote and conversation contact christine@thevoicehouse.co.uk